The Start of the Positive Birth Blog

Why start a blog about positive birth stories?  I have been a midwife for six years and in this time it has struck me that so many women talk to you about their negative experiences of birth and how other people they know always want to tell them about their negative experiences.  Is birth ever a positive experience?  Yes!  For so many women and their partners it is a really empowering, life affirming, positive experience which we all need to hear about.  I want to start this blog to enable women to have a space for them to tell others about their positive experiences, what made them positive and how this has had an impact on them afterwards either in the postnatal period, for future pregnancies or for when speaking to others.

I sat this evening in a Positive Birth Movement Meeting, it was the first I have attended but something I will continue to attend.  The theme of the evening was oxytocin.  The hormone of love! Yet it struck me throughout the evening discussions moved away from speaking about the wonderful positive affects of this hormone and instead moved towards negative themes of women’s past experiences.  There was a woman attending who was pregnant with her first child and all she was hearing was how the other women’s first pregnancies and births were marred with negativity for differing reasons.  What she should have been hearing was the positive impact people around her can have on her birth experience and what an empowering, life changing experience she is about to enter into.  So here I am, sitting on my sofa after returning home from the meeting starting a blog for women to share their positive experiences.  I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoy listening to them.

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