About the Author

Growing up I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, I flitted from job to job, hairdressers to temp work, paintball site to local supermarket.  I then fell pregnant with my first son and received the most fantastic antenatal continuity of care from a community midwife.  I was lucky enough to also see her in the postnatal period, I would never forget her and once I fell pregnant for the second time with my twins, despite moving house in this time, I was delighted to answer my front door to her again for my booking appointment.  She empowered me to make choices about my birth which were right for me and this changed me as a person and sparked something inside of me which made me vow I would support women’s choices and wanted to care for women and their families the way she cared for me so superbly.

When my eldest was three years old and the twins were five months old I started my access to nursing course, the stepping stone to enable me to apply for my Midwifery degree.  I started my Midwifery training in 2008 and completed it in 2011.  I worked my first year at the hospital I trained at in Surrey and then moved to a London trust where I am now the lead for a birth centre.  I am passionate about physiological birth, enhancing physiology, supporting maternal choice, advocacy for women and physiological breech birth.

I started this blog in response to so many women who have said they never hear women talk about their positive birth experiences, only the negative ones.  This is so sad to hear as I know that there are so many positive experiences had by women and their partners and we should all be able to hear about them.